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The combination of herbs is a wonderful remedy for all liver problems. The herb Kutki increases bile production and excretion. Makoy  and Bhringraj improve liver functions and punarnava, bhumiamla help in regenerating liver cells and clearing away the fatty cells from the liver. Giloy is immunomodulator and corrects liver metabolism.

Each 10 ml contains liquid extract derived from-

1. भूमिआंवला phyllanthus niruri 180mg
2. भृंगराज eclipta alba 120 mg
3. कासनी cichorium endivia 120 mg
4. पुनर्नवा boerhaavia diffusa 120 mg
5. चिरायता swertia chirayita 120 mg
6. पित्तपापडा oldenlandia crymbosa 120 mg
7. हरड़ terminalia chebula 120 mg
8. गिलोय tinospora cordifolia 120 mg
9. कुटकी picrorhiza kurroa 120 mg
10. ममजेवा enicostamma littorale 100mg
11. दारुहरिद्रा berberis aristata 60mg
12. मकोय solanum nigrum 60mg
13. विडंग embelia ribes 30mg

Dosage:-two to three tea spoon (10-15ml) with equal amount of water two times a day.

Mode of Action:

  1. Boosts immune system
  2. Exerts  antiviral and anti bacterial action
  3. Improves liver function and regenerates the liver cells
  4. Protects NSAID & ATT induced hepatic damage
  5. Tones up gastro intestinal system

Jaundice, alcohol induced hepatitis, spleen enlargement, anorexia, enlarged & fatty liver, cirrhosis of liver.