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Stree Sanjeevani

Stree-Sanjeevani  is a complete herbal formulation to take care of female health problems. A blend of nutritive and hormonal balancing herbs.. It is particularly effective in pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), irregular menses, uterine fibroids, leucorrhoea and menopausal syndrome. Stree-Sanjeevani naturally balances disturbed female hormones and it is an excellent herbal remedy for ovarian cysts. It also balance pH in the cervical area.

Each 10 ml contains liquid extract derived from

1. अशोक छाल saraca asoca 500mg
2. लोध्र छाल symplocos racemosa 300mg
3. दशमूल dashmool  200mg
4. शतावरी asparagus racemosus 150mg
5. उलटकम्बल abroma augusta 100mg
6. लौह भस्म lauh bhasma 100mg
7. हरड़ terminalia chebula 100mg
8. अश्वगंधा withania somnifera 100mg
9. अजवाइन carum copticum 100mg
10. मोचरस silk cotton tree  gum 100mg
11. उदुम्बर ficus racemosa 100mg
12. आंवला phyllanthus emblica 100mg
13. अजमोदा apium graveolens 75mg
14. सुपारी areca catechu 50mg
15. कमल पुष्प nelembium speciosum 50mg
16 नागकेशर mesua ferrea 50mg
17. शिवलिंगी बीज shivlingi seeds 25mg
18. सोंठ zingiber officinale 50mg
19. सोया anethum sowa 50mg
20. गोखरू tribulus terrestris 50mg
21. मकोय solanum nigrum 50mg
22. बहेडा terminalia bellirica 50mg
23. लाल चन्दन pterocarpus santalinus 50mg
  1. Stree-Sanjeevani naturally balances disturbed female hormones.
  2. An excellent herbal remedy for ovarian cysts and regulating the female menstrual cycle.
  3. Enhances female fertility and is the best  female rejuvenative tonic.
  4. Checks menstruation- related discomforts , menorrhagia and  leucorrhea

INDICATIONS:                                                                                                                    Menorrhegia , dysmenrrohoea,leucorrhea ,PMS, irregular menses and general weakness.

Dosage: - 10-15 ml ( two tea spoon) with equal amount of water two times a da