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Rakt Shodhnaasav

Composition:- Each 18 ml contains  Mahamanjistharista (5ml)  + khadirarista (5ml)  + Saarivadyaasav (5ml)  + Gorakhmundi Ark(3ml)
It is used as a blood purifier, immunomodulator, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory. This formula is also known for its skin nourishing properties .it cures skin disorders, eczema and leprosy. It improves the complexion and texture of skin naturally.

Mode of Action:

  1. Natural blood purifier and immunomodulator.
  2. Heals skin tissues damaged by infection.
  3. Helps to control acne and skin allergies.
  4. Exhibits anti- bacterial and anti fungal properties.

Dosage: - 10-30 ml with equal quantity of water two times a day.
Indications: - acne-pimples, urticaria , scabies, eczema, blood impurities and skin allergies.